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  • His Voice – Part 2

    There are various ways God is trying to get our attention. In part 2 of the serie #HisVoice, we’ll focus on the time in the sheepfold. For it is there […]

  • His Voice – Part 1

    Did you know God already spoke before men existed? Discover in part 1 of #HisVoice, how the voice resounded through the ages! When the heavens opened, the voice spoke! God […]

  • Milestones – Part 5

    In part 5 of Milestones, we look at the past year and see many stones along the way. Some were blessings to your life, while others were made to be […]

  • Milestones – Part 4

    In part 4 of Milestones, we will look at some of the bigger happenings around the Christmas story. What can we learn from the shepherds? And what would it look […]

  • Milestones – Part 3

    The recording for this Sunday has not been recovered Yet. As soon as we do we will post it here. In part 3 of Milestones, we celebrate victory! Understand how […]